CentreParcs and Peppa Pig World – Great Family Days Out

Fun Times with Hagar

Now that Hagar is back from being away it’s important the children have some fun times with him before he has to start parenting in earnest. He was away for almost a month and when you are 10 years old and five years old this can seem like forever. My children bicker with each other constantly. It could challenge Mary Poppins and I don’t have the added assets of a magic parrot umbrella and a spoon full of sugar so I generally just ended yelling, or sometimes rocking under the table.

Invariably, being in the military Hagar might start shouting too early in the re-introduction transition so it makes good sense to have some family decompression by spending time all together so that he can resume shouting after we have had some fun. So for the last two weekends it’s been family fun time, which was a day spent at Centreparcs Longleat and then the next weekend at theme park, Paulton’s Park, Nr Romsey.

The day at Longleat, started with a game of Combat laser in the woods. It was a great activity because all four of us could take part; including the 5 year old, and it was a tremendous laugh as we had the distinct advantage of a military tactician on our side. After laser we split into pairs, the five year old and I painted pottery, which turned into a tactile sensory paint exploration – I hope granny and granddad love their Jackson Pollack cat and dog ornament this Christmas, whilst the boy’s team went off to win at archery. After this we headed to the tropical indoor pool oasis. After enduring endless swimming costume wedgies and nasal enemas, I realised that I really felt my 41 years of age as I threw myself continuously down slides and rapids, secretly dreaming of spa sessions!

To finish the day off we had a buffet supper and a magic show. Now the ex and I had planned to let the kids enjoy the show whilst we, exhausted, chilled out on the edges but actually Nutty Noah was hilarious. He reminded me of Rik Mayall in one of my favourite films Drop Dead Fred. All the way back to the car we riotously sang ‘Wear Your Pants with Pride.’ The kids declared it the best day ever.

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The following weekend was Paulton’s Park. My five year old is a Peppa Pig addict and of course, she has been bugging me for years to go to Peppa Pig World. She strode with determination from the car, map in hand, straight into this plastic paradise. She loved it, and in fact so did my 10 year old, who doesn’t particularly like any kind of roller coaster. He was soon coaxed onto to ride George the Dinosaur, to go up in a balloon and drive Grandpa Pig’s boat. Daddy and I sat in the back of Daddy Pig’s Car ride and exerted our revenge by continually asking if we were nearly there yet and declaring our needs constantly for a wee. It didn’t go down particularly well and we were forced to go around again promising that we would be on our best behaviour.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 14.50.35

Outside of Peppa Pig world and in the main park we spent the rest of the day filling our faces with freshly fried doughnuts, go kart racing, spinning on spinning rides that made me feel sick, walking through dinosaurs and looking at beautiful, rare, birds. I made the ex do the water splash. What is wrong with me? I need to re-connect with my inner child. But once again the children had the best day ever so now Hagar can join me in parenting again, also known as shouting.

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