Real Life: Love Endurance

A big chopper

Up, up, into the sky, the juddering rumble of the spinning rotators.

If only Michael Angelo had explained why,

Those circling blades made it fly.

Does anyone know just what makes it go

Up, up into the sky the juddering rumble of the spinning rotators.

I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Hagar, ironically when he went on his first deployment for 8 weeks. It wasn’t even war – it was just an exercise. He spent 8 weeks on HMS Ocean. I can remember feeling like we were being severed apart. I knew that if I could feel this much pain as I pined that I must truly love him, otherwise I wouldn’t care.

When we met he was stationed at RAF Aldergrove in Northern Ireland. He was a Puma navigator. He worked 3 weeks in Northern Ireland and then would come home for a week at a time. I was wrapped deliciously in the intoxication of young, passionate love.

Time slowly passes

If only the passing grains of time

Would flow fast then slow.

Quickly when we are divided,

Slowly when we are united.

A planted seed of passion.

A one week a month ration.

Our first kiss made my insides glow,

My legs weak, my knees go.

I tumbled into your strong embrace

And immersed myself in your face.

Wet kisses like silk,

A warm sweet nectar of honey and milk.

Time passes, days past flow.

A candle burns deep inside me,

Each second I feel its flame grow.

Don’t leave me.

Hug me, squeeze me,

Baby I love you,

Don’t ever let go.

I miss the innocence and passion of our youthful love but it’s nice to reflect on it here now as we prepare to be severed again. The children are a distraction. They make the time pass faster. We can’t indulge in each other with the same intensity anymore but I am delighted that we once did.


  1. Wow! such a sensuous piece of writing. Brilliant & how great that you have it there to reflect on & relive again (& again etc!)

    1. Thank – yes, it makes me feel young again. I wrote prolifically through this time. I have tonnes of stuff in the archive – some if it makes my toes curl. I will try and just bring out the good stuff.

    1. Thanks hun – I wrote before kids, when I was loved up! I am not sure I could muster one of those little poetry puppies for him now 😉

      It’s strange to think about it now – Belfast airport. Once I went out to visit and his cab went U.S and I spent half the trip in his room on my own watching Star Wars!

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