I am going to introduce a generic term ‘Milly’.

A Milly is:

– spouse
– partner
– child
– parent
– grandparent
– sibling
– extended family

of someone who is serving in the military. I will using this term throughout the blog now so that I don’t get all tongue tangled making sure that you don’t feel left out. All of the above are Millies – let the Millies unite and our voice be heard. If you don’t know how we do it then please keep reading and then you’ll learn just how we do.


‘My Milly friend came for tea, her husband is deployed.’

‘When they are deployed Millies have a turbulent, love/hate relationship with our phones.’

It can be tough but we are stoical bunch, you know. This is just a quickie blogette to share with you the new term.


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