Restrepo Pipped To The Gong By Inside Job

Alas Restrepo didn’t win the Oscar last night but they didn’t lose either. Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington have made a superb film documenting a harrowing deployment in Afghanistan. They brought a much greater awareness of the conflict to the world. Thank you to them for their sacrifice and commitment. But the war is not over for us, and as the Oscar bus party bus packs up for another year, the families and serving are still on the conveyor belt of war – the battle continues on.

Inside Job won it – a film about the most recent economic crash.

On the Restrepo facebook page they ask for us to write three words which illustrate how the film made you feel:

Make It Stop

Peace And Love

Can’t Take Anymore

Find A Solution

Daddy Is Sad

Stop The Killing

Please Help Us

Enough Is Enough

I need the war to end. The burden is too heavy. I am very tired and I am not alone. I would like to get off the bus please but alas for us that is not to be because the bus leaves again this year and we will be firmly on it…


  1. If the West unilaterally pulls out of Afghnistan, then the chances of the Grenade going in 15 years to finish dad’s job is good. Perhaps the winds of change sweeping out of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt will blow some fresh air into the Afghan people…

    1. I didn’t say withdrawal was the solution. I just want something more cohesive, better articulated and effective. Change is in the air for sure. I hope you are right about the waves of change in the aforementioned regions.

  2. No, they’re not talking military action. They’re discussing a “no-fly zone” which keeps the Libyan Air Force grounded and therefore unable to bomb it’s own citizens.

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