Single Parents And Online Dating?

AMMM and I have a friend. Well we have more than one friend actually, but this particular friend is lovely, gorgeous, full of energy, sexy, talented and recently single. She needs help as her life is so damn busy there is very little time for traditional dating techniques, such as going to the pub, night club, bars or cafes. Oh, and did I mention she had a gorgeous little bubba in tow? Now you can see her problem.

She has tried online dating, but that ended after the chap she met started giving her unwanted parenting advice, wouldn’t it be useful if there was a dating site for Single Parents and for single parents only? Guess what…there is!

Now, Wikipedia has a lot to say about Single Parents, but when it comes to finding a partner for this particular lady, surely some of the dating advice available out there must work? I think a lot of people look at Single Parents and give up when it comes to dating them, believing them to be ‘past their best’ or just ‘too much hassle for a man to take on’, especially if the man concerned is firmly into his mid life crisis, has just left one marriage (with children) and is looking for a young sexpot. Well, I’ve got news for those guys, some of the sexiest sexpots out there (and I include our friend firmly in this catagory) have a huge amount to offer any man lucky enough to win them over.

So, don’t give up ladies (or you, our beautiful friend – and you know who you are!) remember how much you have to offer, find yourself a good man, don’t settle for second best – play the online dating game to your advantage and do a nice bit of window shopping, then try before you buy! Kind of like a test drive, but more fun……

That’s the beauty of the internet, you can find anything out there, even love!

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