Real Life: Toddler Torture

Last night, I was tortured by a two year old from 1am until 5am. Hagar was here, but I had to to take the torture because he was flying the next day, and I wasn’t working, but was at home with the kids. Hagar and I, we grow insomniacs so I am used to the sleep deprivation but last night I really needed not to be awake from 1am-5am. We had a boozy weekend and then on Tuesday, I had been up at dawn and worked until dusk, drank too much coffee, to keep me awake all day and then couldn’t sleep when I got home because I was wired. So last night, I really needed to get some shut eye in the bag so I was just one p*ssed off modern military mother.

Hagar was home, but the job took precedent and I get it. If you are married to the military, the job comes first. It dictates everything we do. Another faux pas to say to a military spouse is ‘I guess you are used to it.’ My answer to this is …’who knew?’

“Who knew what it was like to get married?’

‘Who knew what it was like to have kids?’

‘Who knew what it was like to raise them alone, married, single, celibate?’

‘Used to what?’

Marriage and children, it’s a black art. I am freestyling through it but I don’t think you need to be married to the military to be thinking ‘WTF?’ most wives, partners, incarcerated with kids feel like they have been hit by a train most of the time – do they not? I don’t think this is unique to the wifelets and partners of the serving. Toddler torture and hubby working tomorrow – this is something shared by many, not just us betrothed to the serving types.

I have filled the menace, with wholewheat pasta tonight and then worked her out hard on the trampoline – hopefully this will be enough to avoid a repeat performance. I just want some sleep!

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