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AMMM aka Macnaughty turned 40!! 4 days after my 40th Birthday and the great fast has commenced. So far so good…..wish me luck….

Little AMMM


The Birthday Bollywood Birthday Bonanza with Fireworks was a rip roaring success. The best thing about it for me was that it was a communal effort. Everyone played their part in the party and, as such, the end result was just fabulous and brilliant.

The food was outstanding. Hand reared local lamb, marinaded to perfection by my friend from Ms Licky from New York, slow cooked in the aga for 4 hours, Ms Bandana rustled up dahl and aloo gobi, Mr Set Dresser made a fantastic Goan Chicken Curry and Brindal curry with parathas, with samosas, pakora, courtesy of Mr Blokefriend and Mrs Ladyfriend rajita, poppadoms and mango chutney I did me sen.

As The Wylye Valley Girl so aptly put on Facebook:
“It was very dull. I mean, no-one got drunk and fell over the mushrooms, no-one barfed in the garden, no-one slaughtered ‘Kayleigh’ on Singstar, no-one broke two pairs of glasses, the fireworks were rubbish, the food was lousy, no-one did tequila slammers, no-one stayed till 5am… you can count me out next year!”

Thank you to all my lovely guest-icles and others who made it the best birthday ever. 40 opened well!

So now the time has come to sit firmly back in reality…this is the year of opportunity and I am back in lock down working on another book proposal which is all consuming so forgive and “bear with” (Miranda DVD Box Set for birthday – snigger. I can’t help myself. It is funny!) because the blogging is going to be a little sporadic over the next couple of weeks.

But the good news is that I have been asked to speak at Brit Mums Live on 22nd June in London.

Come and join the party – click here to register.

Also, every Monday you will find me writing with the sassy rock chicks at In The Powder Room and tomorrow is a blinder as me and Wylye Valley Girl have decided to make this year about us and everyone else can go fuck themselves!! Bring it on 2012!


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