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I was just reading Heather’s blog about how much she hates Red magazine because it’s full of adverts and guff, and I said I like the magazine The Green Parent. It’s tough to try and live sustainably when you are living in military quarters. We moved in 6 weeks ago, and I think we are finally beginning to feel the house settle around our shoulders.

I don’t mind moving around. I like new places, but at the moment I have this overwhelming urge to grow things, and have chickens. This is such a tricky objective in the mobile, military lifestyle. I currently have a wormery full of rotting veggies and dead worms – it didn’t handle the move so well. It’s against the licence to have a compost heap and you can be charged by DE if you don’t remove it when you move. Having never had a compost heap, I can say with any certainty how vigilantly they apply this rule.

Note use of the word ‘licence’ – yes, we are not tenants, they have too many rights. In fact, I am not anything, I am wife of licence, and only have the rights to be here as long as I am betrothed to Hagar. If anything should go wrong – marriage failure, or death in service, then you are issued your 90 day marching orders. But that’s another story for another day.

Today, I am looking at my makeshift veggie patch, and looking at the price of worms for my wormery. I am re-cycling my cardboards, and hopefully, in time will have sorted out some more proficient eco-strategies for sustainable living. I think the lack of roots makes it twice the effort to live a more organic way of life, we are still just settling in.

I am full of contradictions though, and I know that I am a hypocrite. We drive a 4×4, and Hagar flies a Chinook helicopter – he’s got his own personal hole in the ozone layer, tattoeed with his name on it. I want to be more connected to nature, but somehow just can’t seem to get my shit in one pile. I am not going to give up though, and I am staying away from those naughty glossys making me covet material possession, and instead reading The Green Parent to make me more earthly and sage.

What about you – is living sustainably a priority for you? Or am I struggling alone here?


  1. It is a struggle I know. We do our bit but it is very miniscule in the scheme of things. However, if every human did that much it would probably have some effect so keep going!

  2. We try! Although we’ve bought a car today after 4 years without one and i am more than a little excited! Tonight i’m trying to make an evening meal with my 14 homegrown peas – risotto, in case you were wondering. I try to grow veg, but i reap meagre results. We use cloth nappies and wipes though, and i think i deserve a gold star for that! PS – really admire you military wives. My sister-in-law is one of you.

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