UK Parent Blogger, Clare Macnaughton, A Modern Military Mother Launches Pilot Episode Of AMMMTV

Premieres on:
Controversial TV
(Sky Channel 200)
9pm, Saturday 9th June, 2012

For Immediate Release: 24th May 2012

UK parent blogger, Clare Macnaughton, A Modern Military Mother, last year separated from her husband, a serving officer in the RAF, and moved out of military quarters to begin a new life in an old damp rented house in the Wiltshire countryside. She has no idea what she is doing but her long-term goal is to live more self sufficiently.

In this 30 minute pilot TV show which premieres on Sky Channel 200, Controversial TV 9pm, Saturday 9th June, 2012 she explores the question ‘how easy is it to live more sustainably?’

Clare invites members of her local community to her house, dubbed t’Chateau in ‘The Shire’ to discuss with her their own journeys in pursuing a more self sustained lifestyle

The 30 minute show is split into four segments:

In The Veggie Patch
Clare is preparing for the arrival of pigs to clear the land

In The Living Room
Her guest is her neighbour, music producer and musician, Anthony Clark talks about his keyboard playing on Rick Astley’s World Tour and a chimney fire during his first winter in The Shire

Kitchen Antics
Clare rustles up a Lemon Drizzle Cake from the Hairy Biker’s cook book.

Dining Room debate
Clare is joined by Mary Ann Sieghart, journalist and broadcaster, Stuart Taylor, audio visual technician and small holder, and Anthony Clark, music producer and musician, to discuss the feasibility of sustainable living.

Jamming Out
Musician, Anthony Clark plays the show out with one of his great tunes.

AMMMTV premieres on Controversial TV, 9pm, Saturday 9th June, 2012, Sky Channel 200

Controversial TV, broadcast in the UK on the Sky platform on Channel 200, features the programming of Edge Media Television – an independent production company who aim to air programming that is educational, thought provoking and enlightening, and to show programmes that encourage intelligent discussion. The channel is an unbiased platform for people to share alternative and suppressed viewpoints.

Clare Macnaughton started the blog A Modern Military Mother in 2009 to help explain life from the other side of the British military. She wrote her blog as a reflection of her own experiences in a decade of marriage to a man who serves in the military. This was her truth. Despite her separation she cannot sever from military life completely, her husband still deploys to Afghanistan and her children are still impacted by the continued and prolonged absences of their father. She is still a modern, military mother.

In the last 18 months Clare has evolved from blogging, to vlogging (video blogging) and now to an inaugural BloggerTV show. AMMMTV is the UK’s first ever Parent Blogger produced TV. Shot on a very low budget in two days, the pilot show was produced in-conjunction with editor and director, Jim Klass and WingTV supplied the equipment. The logo was designed by KifiCreative and the music was created by Warminster musicians, The AHeads and Volatile Headspace. The making of the AMMTV pilot episode was a collaboration based on the generosity of a very talented community.

Clare Macnaughton is now seeking sponsorship and investment to create 10 x 30 minute episodes focussing on the reality of trying to be more self-sufficient, which in truth is about to working together with your community.

For trailer – click HERE

For more information:
Please contact: Clare Macnaughton


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