Sisters Are Doing It For Ourselves

If you want something done do it yourself, and if you are married to the military, then it’s most likely there is no other bugger around to do it anyway.

Heledd Kendrick was put in touch with me by the military wives that launched the website Follow The Flag, an online directory for the self employed military spouse. Being married to the military can be about sacrifice. We give up so much to support our spouses so that they can deliver the effect. Often, more than you ever knew, especially if you have children. (Who knew what a journey they would be, married to the military aside?) Then throw in an absentee spouse, akin to Peter Pan, or Petra Pan (very PC), and what you have is barefoot, pregnant, tied to the mobile kitchen.

Heledd and I hit it off immediately because we both are not very good at selflessly serving our spouses and children. We, unapologetically, have ambitions and visions of a life for ourselves, where, heaven forbid, we actually earn money akin to our investment in our education and work/life experience.

Heledd is a former race horse jockey, and editor of a horse racing magazine, who subsequently fell in love with an army fella. Once married and bound she discovered the incarceration of military spousedom. She then sought to find a solution to the complexities of seeking gainful employment, while betrothed to the military and living a nomadic life. The concept for Recruit for Spouses was born.

After months of blood, sweat and tears and community pulling together in true Dunkerque style, with gallons of support from the Royal British Legion’s Women – yesterday was the launch at The Union Jack Club

Military Wife Launches Jobsite for Military Spouses – RECRUIT FOR SPOUSES

NATIONAL businesses are being invited to support the British Forces and their families, through the not-for-profit organisation, Recruit For Spouses, which launched on 17th January 2012.

Recruit For Spouses has been set up to bridge the gap between national employers and a growing band of service spouses who are seeking to re-enter the workplace, after subjugating their careers due to their partners’ numerous postings and frequent deployment.

The company has benefited from funding and support from the Women’s Section of the Royal British Legion and the web development skills of international digital agency, STEAK.

The Wiltshire based founder, Heledd Kendrick (herself an Army spouse and mother of two young children) who has been developing the concept for over two years, said that it had been;
“a long but worthwhile journey bringing the site to its launch this month”. She continued, “One of the hardest things about being married to a soldier, sailor or airman, is the constant moving around; rendering it almost impossible to find a job. Employers perceive service spouses as being too transient to make a worthwhile contribution to their organisations. However we’re here to prove otherwise – be it short term, contracts, flexi working, job-sharing, full-time employment or virtual (online) work”.

Kendrick will be introducing potential employers to over 400 registered candidates from a diverse background, and who count skills and trades such as accountancy, HR experts, lawyers and PAs among their numbers. STEAK has created a sleek web design, which makes it simple for employers and spouses to register their vacancies and CVs.

A nominal charge will be made to employers (significantly less than most recruitment agencies) and profits from the venture will be ploughed back into service charities, fully embracing the much talked about military covenant.

Recruit for Spouses already has partnered with both British Telecom, Siemens and Golly Slater providing a range of opportunities for service wives and has established a meaningful dialogues with the regional Chambers of Commerce, resulting in the North East Chamber of Commerce advocating the initiative to their 4000 members.

For further information on Recruit For Spouses, please contact:

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