Tequila – It Makes You Happy #TequilaPatronUK

Sometimes the stars align and then under the magic of Perseids Meteor shower one of the bounciest nights of my life unfolded with much fun and revelry.

When Patrice from Three Sixty Comms phoned me up and pitched the immortal words, ‘would you be interested in receiving some tequila to review?’ and my naughty little brain, thought ‘yes please’ I knew that my life would never be the same again. And as true as it is Patron Tequila changed my life forever…it reawakened in me a person that I thought was lost but I am pleased to say was found once again. The Macnaughty is back….be very afraid!

Now it so happened that the review coincided with our homemade village free festival called StockFest. The festival began last year to celebrate music, creativity and freedom. To bring music, dancing and laughter to our village without any commercial imperative and to encourage people to express themselves for the love singing without the love money. We are so lucky in small community to be surrounded by so much creative talent and inspirational souls who are willing to transcend status, class and wealth to come together to celebrate life. There are no tickets and the festival is open to our community to bring their friends and enjoy the music.

I had planned to re-connect with my friends of 14 years that I worked summer seasons with for the company Sunsail – in those black and white days before regualation and health and safety. It was pretty wild and we were free spirited and very loud. When we come together the end result is always loud and bonkers. Was the village ready for what they were about to receive? Undoubtedly not!!

Then these four bad boys turned up!

And I discovered that she didn’t just mean tequila – she meant Patron Tequila at £43 per bottle!! Hubba bubba – party on! A quick ring around my alcoholic friends and those that knew said this was the BEST tequila in the world and it didn’t kick back and make you gip when you shot it!

Patrice and I agreed that I would make some lollies.

Then I decided to make some jellies.

I was delighted when the jelly set!!!

So we were ready for StockFest to commence. I was the self-appointed MC and my vision was to get the festie pumping so that everyone was bustin’ some moves and throwing some shapes by the close of the night.

But let me show you how it unfolded in pictures not words.

I disocvered that eating Patron tequila jelly definitely affects your ability to tell jokes!!

“Why did the Mexican kill his wife?” TEQUILA!!!!!!

No, no, no that’s not right…..”Why did the Mexican push his wife off the cliff?” TEQUILA!!!!!

But it didn’t stop there – in the after show party we cracked open the Patron OX tequila with coffee liquer, crushed bags of ice in the blender and added milk – it was the loveliest creamiest road to oblivion. And then I woke up in bed in my clothes….knowing that my life had changed forever.

Tequila – it makes you happy.

For more photos of StockFest – please visit: http://www.christonicolle.com

(Nb: Please be aware that if you drink too much you are likely to become an alcoholic and die confused and soaked in your own urine.)


  1. When I was dating an alcoholic musician in Vegas we would regularly sip (not shoot) Patron Silver in a wee tumbler at (air conditioned) room temperature. No ice, no salt, no citrus. It’s real good. The alcoholic justified his Patron consumption by saying that it was from a cactus, which is from the desert, and we were living in the desert, therefore it was a perfectly acceptable breakfast food (read: drink). Imcidentally the sex was great and I think the Patron hassle a lot to do with it.

    1. Damn! I didn’t get to shag on Patron and now it has all gone. But I think that is one for the bucket list! I think it’s made from pineapple though!

  2. I don’t think the photos do justice to how totally trashed you all got courtesy of Messrs Patron but even at your drunkest you remembered to tell us all who supplied it! 🙂

    1. How very rock ‘n’ roll and of course, ever the consummate professional – the show must go on.

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