Truth & Freedom

I am writing over at in The Powder Room today – I am there every Monday.

Pop over and have a read.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Viva La Liberation.


  1. Fab read, just went over. Lady people who have something bad to say are just not worth your time or effort. The truth does hurt but it’s supposed to be used to help highlight the problem to get to the solution, not to create further problems. You are such a strong person and are admired by many, remember that. xx

    1. Thank you for your lovely words. I, of course, live in slight exile so don’t consider the feelings of the many – which I should. On the positive side I have had support from people I did not even know were watching, which has been very lovely. What you say is so true. My wings are like a shield of steel. The solution, of course, is that this is not the time to rest on my laurels but to continue to push on. But I am so lucky to be where I am and I love my new life, my new friends and the future feels bright. Just need to get this pesky war out of the way. I have had enough drama to last me a lifetime!!

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