To decorate or not to decorate – that is the question

Mrs Sparkle is guest posting today.

Let me tell you how I feel about decorating………..I HATE decorating but I need to decorate my hallway, stairs and landing-a huge undertaking for me as we have lived in our mansion (3 bed semi) for 13 years and in those years I have decorated every room in the house at least twice, my husband however has managed a measly once, the kitchen (easy, no furniture to move and very little actual wall to paint) and a couple of doors (still 6 upstairs to be done, 3 years after they were put in), but the stairwell is a tricky job.


I refuse to balance on a plank of wood on one leg above a drop to certain death down the stairs, this is man’s work!  The last time this area was painted (by my in-laws) was 11 years ago so it’s now desperate, I took the bull by the horns and approached a local ‘painter and decorator’ who happened to be passing, strange but true, he was happy to arrange a date in the following days to come and price up my job so I spent some hard earned cash on those overpriced tester pots so I would be prepared. Two weeks have past and P & D man still has not appeared so every night I trudge up the stairs with the random splodges of tester paint slapped on my wall looking even worse than before. Finding a good, reliable tradesman can be quite difficult but if you can do the jobs yourself you save time and money. Although, for many of us, the truth is that we don’t have enough confidence to do even the simplest of DIY tasks such as painting and hanging pictures. I recently came across this DIY guide which is a great resource for those of us seeking to improve our skills around the home.


“Don’t worry” says hubby, “we will do it ourselves……….together”, not music to my ears, “OK”, I say “but you can do the balancing bit” (he’s got life insurance).  Three more days of the splodges go by and hubby comes in from work with the exciting news that he’s found a new P & D to come and price up, he’s coming in the morning……..still waiting, so, I now need to get someone in to paint my hallway, stairs and landing, who turns up when they say they’re going to, does the job etc., etc.’


  1. We did our hall, stairs and landing last year and I have to say, I’m so glad that doesn’t need doing again for a while! I agree that the ‘drop’ above the stairwell is definitely man’s work. I made my hubby do it because I don’t really ‘do’ ladders! I also primed and glossed (2 coats) 4 doors and all the skirting boards. Never again!

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