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Ok, I am going to fess up. I haven’t seen this DVD (Alvin and The Chipmunks – Chipwrecked) but hey – it’s not for me. But I can tell you that both my kids have seen it over and over and over and over and over again AND they are still not bored. They loves it!! So what can I say other that get it because it’s great and they love it!

The Plot:

During a cruise, for a family holiday, the Chipmunks and Chipettes turn the cruiseship into their own playground causing trouble and running havoc as they will. Dave (Jason Lee) notices that his ex boss, Ian Hawke (David Cross) working as a safety monitor on the cruise ship. Alvin goes para-sailing on a kite and he flies away with the other chipmunks. Dave goes on a hang glider to find them with Ian and they both end up in the ocean.

Meanwhile, the six chipmunks discover an island and they sleep for the night. Dave gets Ian’s help find the same island and begin looking for the six chipmunks. The next morning, the chipmunks go in search of food and while doing so, an island castaway named Zoe (Jenny Slate) turns up and sees the Chipmunks and Chipettes for the first time. They then go to Zoe’s tree house and Simon gets bitten by a spider, the side effects include personality changes and loss of inhibition.

The morning after, everyone notices Simon’s personality has changed and he becomes a French, adventurous chipmunk named Simone. Simone asks Jeanette to dance to Alvin’s chagrin. Later, Zoe takes Simone, Jeanette, Eleanor and Theodore to a waterfall and Simone finds a cave. He returns with a gold bracelet which he gives to Jeanette. Brittany and Alvin see an active volcano the next day and they decide to leave the island. Theodore and Simone find Dave and Ian and they go to meet with the other chipmunks. They all begin to prepare a raft to get them off the island and everyone was allocated a job. When Jeanette and Simone go and look for food, Zoe kidnaps Jeanette and Simone gets knocked out, and reverted to normal.

Everyone finds Simon awake and he cannot remember anything since the bite. They find that Zoe has taken Jeanette and they head towards the waterfall. When they approached the tree log to cross, Dave and Alvin decide they’ll go and find Jeanette. As Zoe makes Jeanette to get the treasure by tying her to a rope, Alvin and Dave come to her rescue. The island begins to rumble again and Zoe let go of the rope and Jeanette runs with Dave and Alvin back to the raft. When they reach a log to cross, Dave almost falls.

Alvin and Ian convince Zoe to help save Dave. They then run towards the raft and escape the eruption. While on the raft, Zoe apologizes to Jeanette for kidnapping her and forcing her to get the treasure. As a present, Jeanette gives Zoe the gold bracelet that Simon had given to her. Alvin makes up with Dave and they are rescued. The Chipmunks and Chipettes perform at the International Music Awards.

In the film’s epilogue, the Chipmunks, the Chipettes, and Dave are on a plane going back home. Alvin is speaking on the pilot’s microphone that the plane’s destination is set for Timbuktu, accidentally pushes the food cart, and it hits Dave.


  1. I want to see it! I am the demographic – 12 year old in a 41 year old body. I have to go see all the Chipmunks movies with my kids because my husband finds the chipmunk voices unbearable. I can’t see that they sound much different than me and the girls having a squabble though!

    1. It’s out on DVD!!! Just get it! You’ll love it. Those furry little rodents are like marmite but very compelling!

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