How to make life easier for your loved ones once you’re gone

More often than not we try and avoid sitting down to put our affairs and estates in check, feeling that it’s an exceptional morbid subject we tend to actively forget about how useful it is to create a Will for when we pass away. Although it’s not a subject we really want to discuss let alone address, it’s one that we can’t really afford to avoid, while we’re busy avoiding Wills and Probate for ourselves, it’s our loved ones that pay the price. Of course, it’s not just Wills that help make life easier for your friends and family when you pass away, there are also many other means of ensuring that they have a stress free a time as possible while going through the grieving process.

Taking the Will as an important given, there is also life insurance, which, sadly, often gets overlooked. Life insurance is a brilliant way of paying into aftercare for your family and friends for when you’re gone, and it’s normally a low cost monthly payment that you have to deal with in order to receive this peace of mind. However, even if you have an insurance policy in place, it’s always wise to inform your family of who the provider is, as well as ensuring that your insurance provider knows of any other policies you might have taken out with anyone else.

Last will and testament
Last will and testament

Another great piece of advice to take in regards to giving your loved ones an easier life after your death is to deal with funeral costs now. While you can use the money from the life insurance to pay for the funeral, more and more people are contacting funeral homes to prepay for their services so that their loved ones don’t have to deal with that in the future. If you can’t afford to do this, at least have a funeral plan written up to help your family get through the tough time of dealing with your loss.

There are of course many other ways to make the traumatic process a lot more manageable – if you want to find out more, or perhaps contact an advisor to discuss your specific Will and estate further, then Saga is a renown and reputable name that has years of experience dealing with this delicate matters.

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