I Am Not Sure Who Hates Homework More Me Or Them!

Tuesday night is homework night at my house. I am not sure who hates it more, me or the kids.

Here’s some top homework tips to ease the homework pain!

Five ways to help your kids with their homework (and without simply doing it for them!)

Homework – we all remember it. While it’s good to encourage your kids to do their homework as soon as they get in each night, it’s sometimes difficult to know how much help to give them when they actually go through it.

With a few helpful tips, you can really make the difference from the start and here’s how

Use it as play time

In Pre-Preparatory school, “learning as play” is a great way to retain early numeracy skills, even counting up to 20. One way to make it fun is to be active; try reciting the times to a game of catch.

Make up some cards with vocabulary your youngsters may find tricky, draw a picture to describe it so the child connects fun with the words, and hide them around the room for a fun and educational treasure-hunt.

Telling the time could be as simple as walking into the town and looking at as many different clocks as possible and rewarding your kids for getting the time right. Even getting them to time you doing simple tasks like brushing your teeth can help.

Use praise and rewards

Tell your kids how great they are when they get a spelling right or they’ve understood six times four. Keep noticing all the good things they do and offer praise.

This positive reinforcement boosts your little ones’ confidence. Treats, in moderation, can be useful too.

Swot up on modern methods

Let’s face it, teaching methods have changed from when we were at school and any “homework” refresher evenings at your pre-prep school could help you and your kids.

Find a quiet, non-distracting place

With all the screens and distractions it’s easy to get diverted from homework.

Turn off the TV, make the room comfortable and have plenty of colouring pens, rulers, glue and craft materials ready so your children have no excuse to get up from their workstation.

Whatever the homework, if the environment is nice then this will help.

Join in, while letting them find the right way to do it

It’s easy to get too involved when helping your kids with their homework. Try letting them have a go themselves and if they encounter difficulty then help them with on one particular part of the homework by explaining what they need to do or offering visual cues.

You should then get them to attempt the next part of the homework themselves or present them with a similar question to the one they struggled with and ask them to solve it alone.



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