5 Easy Ways to Get Your Groove Back

We can all have those moments where we can feel as though we are simply breathing rather than living. Being stuck in a rut can add to whatever stress has caused these emotions – whether it’s work, family, friends or something entirely different, it’s time to get back into your groove!

Step back and take a breath

Realising just what it is that’s bringing you down is the first step to feeling confident again. Once you’ve figured it out, it’s time to move away from the problem and take a break.

Take up a new hobby

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to? Or perhaps you were always a little fearful of failure? Now is the time to challenge yourself and take up something new.

Whether it’s writing, photography, knitting, rock climbing or even train spotting, starting a new hobby can not only help you relax, you’ll feel a fantastic sense of achievement afterwards.

Remember that you’ve still got it

It might be tempting to slump around in sweatpants but wearing something sexy can really boost your confidence. Buy a new dress and heels and get ready to dazzle on a night out some of the girls.

Likewise, trying on sexy new lingerie like this Elle MacPherson one from Figleaves, will not only boost your own sense of self-worth, but your partner is sure to show their appreciation as well. Oh, and If you enter “TWENTY” at the point of checkout – you’ll get a 20% of discount too.

Indulge in some ‘me’ time

Book a weekend spa trip for yourself and learn how to really let go. Some time alone can be the ultimate indulgence, so buy throwing a weekend of pampering into the mix will allow you to return the following week with a new glow.

If a full weekend really isn’t viable, book some time at the local salon to have your hair cut and a manicure. Allowing yourself some ‘me’ time is truly the best way to get to know yourself again.

1)     Fake it until you make it

No one should hide their feelings, but sometimes forcing yourself to wear a smile and act positively will result in you actually feeling positive.

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