Featured Post: Shoes That Tone Your Legs and Butt as You Walk

I love my Fitflops. I know I am not alone and that I have many friends who also love their Fitlops too. I have them in a variety of styles – I have a standard Fitflop, a soft boot and a suede boot. In fact, with the summer around the corner (well, maybe, it could be. The longest night has passed.) I am already thinking about which Fitflops I am going to buy this summer because they come in a variety of shades and sparkles. I was initially seduced by the notion that the Fitflop toned your legs and your butt while you walked.

Could this be true? What a fantabulous concept, toning with every step. This is, of course, what lured me, and many a women, to try the Fitflop range; but the reality is when you actually wear them they are the most comfortable shoes in the world and you don’t look like an old granny! Although it is a sign of ageing when you judge a shoe not by it’s style factor, but instead by it’s comfort factor. The added of advantage of the Fitflop range is that they do have within the range plain, sporty and sparkly shoes, boots and the classic flip flop. Are Fitflops a nana shoe? Or they just chunky but funky? Am I having a mid life crisis because I choose comfort over pain. I think women who wear killer heels deserve a medal for tenacity and endurance – give me a comfy cushioned sole any day. I have friends who are Fitflop converts and we delight at how much we love them and how comfy they are. I know we should get out more.

When I was younger I could sleep anywhere and rough it but now old age is setting in and I do like a bit luxury and comfort. I am too old to couch surf these days and it’s has to be a SPECIAL occasion to get me into those killer heels. (I am waiting for my Oscars invite – ahem, anyone?) But for me, my everyday footwear for school runs, housework and summer schlepping is my Fitlop boots, shoes and sandals . I am definitley convert with, or without, the tighter cheeks. Are you a Fitflop lover too?

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 16.35.06

Just in case you were wondering – those are not my legs!


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