Guest Post: Five Top Tips For Restoring Order To Your Wardrobe

When you’re a busy parent, the last thing on your mind is organising your clothes! However, trying to put together an outfit from a messy mountain of clothing first thing on a Monday morning is not only stressful but it takes valuable time away from your routine.

Here we look at a few tips on how to streamline your wardrobe and restore order.

Create the space you want to see

While it’s tricky to create a designer space without a complete construction overhaul, you can certainly smarten up the contents of your wardrobe in just a few simple steps. Ditch those wire hangers that spoil the lines of your clothing along with cheap plastic ones in favour of a uniform selection. If you can afford it, wooden hangers are great for adding a touch of high-end glamour to your wardrobe whilst preserving the quality of your clothes.

Invest in quality pieces

Everyone has their own sense of style but if you are looking to make a sartorial investment, then opt for a few quality pieces from reputable stores. For a lovely selection of staple knitted pieces which wash brilliantly check out Edinburgh Woollen Mill’s ladies clothing.

It’s also worth considering investing in vintage clothes as these are often made from expensive fabrics designed to see their owner through several years.

Impose some order

First, group your clothes by type. This way, when you want to wear a certain long sleeved blouse you haven’t got to rifle through your entire collection to find it!

Secondly, group items by colour. Obviously this approach isn’t an exact science but a sense of order should start to emerge fairly quickly. It will also make it apparent which areas in your wardrobe are overstocked so that you can cut back.

Recycle what you don’t wear

Besides all the virtuous reasons for getting rid of clothes (to save space, protect the environment, donate to charity etc) the fact is, if you get rid of some clothes, you can buy lovely new ones!

Although the general rule is ‘if it hasn’t been worn in six months donate it’, the fact is it can be difficult to monitor the activity of your wardrobe to check when clothes have reached their expiry date. To help, put all of your clothes on hangers facing backwards. When you replace it in the wardrobe after wearing and washing it, hang it so it faces forwards.. Six months later, you’ll know exactly what is worth keeping!

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