Geek Chic

I was always a bit of a geek at school. I didn’t really align myself with any fashion clique. I just sort of made it up as I went along. In the 80s at my comprehensive school the loudest two groups were the Mods and the Goths. The Mods were a tightly knit clique, that spanned the year groups. Their leader, an Elvis Costello look-alike wore thick rimmed spectacles, multi-coloured bowling shoes, pencil tight trouser and long green parkas. The girls had a short cut hair, bob or page boy, pencil skirts and flat shoes. They drove around town on Lambrettas – pale blue motorbikes with white flaps at the front. They hung around at break in a group, looking sullen and chewing gum. Every Tuesday night there was a teen disco at the Joint Services Club – we would all go Goths, Mods, geeks and yoof. When Pedro’s scintillating sounds would play Booker T’s Green Onions all the Mods would jump up and dance a slippy slide dance across the dance floor.

The Goths wore black all over, with back combed hair and black eyeliner. The clothes were tight at the bottom and baggy at the tops – they lolloped around in groups, not smiling with fringes over their eyes. Was it mandatory to be moody at school? I wasn’t so moody. I was a geek, who played sport who didn’t belong to a clique. My aunty who worked in fashion said my look was ‘sporty’. But I remember thinking ‘I have a look?’ – I didn’t have a look. I still don’t have a look but I am definitely dedicated to pink in a way that I wasn’t in the past. I think that I suppressed a deep love of pink and glitter because I was too much of a geek without much chic.

It must be nice to know what you are and be committed to the cause. I still don’t know what I am but I like the fact that now I can take a bit of this and a bit of that and sprinkle it with some pink and glitter. Anything goes, which is nice.



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