Meet PRIVATE JACK WHITE V.C. Simply Robust Clothes Military Style

Jack White was a true English gentleman and military hero. He was also a founding father of the Manchester factory that now manufactures stylish, hardwearing clothing in his name.

Born in Leeds in 1896, he was only 18 years old when he signed up to the King’s Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster). He was deployed to Gallipoli where he endured fierce fighting in the failed Anglo-French effort to capture Constantinople. The unit was then ordered to assist in the relief of British forces under siege in the town of Kut, a few hundred miles south of Baghdad.

During this effort, the unit attempted to cross the Dialah River, but within minutes came under attack from heavy gunfire with disastrous results. Being the only one neither injured or dead, Private Jack White V.C spun into action tying a telephone wire to his boat, jumping overboard and towing it back to shore. Not only did he save the lives of some of his countryman he also saved valuable pieces of equipment.

On 27 June 1917, Private Jack White V.C. was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious honour that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

He continued in active service until the end of the war, when he returned to Manchester and began an apprenticeship as a trainee pattern cutter in the local factory. He went on to become General Manager and then Owner before fading health forced him to relinquish his interest and he passed away in 1949, aged 52.

Little could he have realised that one day, the very same factory he had worked in all those years ago would now, under the watchful eye and stewardship of his great-grandchildren, be manufacturing a line of carefully crafted garments, inspired by the heroics and military style of himself, Private Jack White V.C.

The Jack White VC brand presents a collection of simple lines, straight cuts and a robustness that reflects the nature and personality of the British Military. The ready to wear styles are timeless and classic and yet are perfect for the no-nonsense man in the modern day. If a man likes no fuss and yet wants to look strong, straight cut and hot then this brand is fabulous to showcase his tensile strength and tight jaw. It takes me back to Under Milk Wood and Captain Cat – he would definitely be wearing designer menswear by Private White V.C.

“Captain Cat, the retired, blind seacaptain, asleep in his bunk in the seashelled, ship-in-bottled, shipshape best cabin of Schooner House dreams of
never such seas as any that swamped the decks of his S.S. Kidwelly bellying over the bedclothes and jellyfish slippery sucking him down salt deep into the Davy dark where the fish come biting out and nibble him down to his wishbone, and the long drowned nuzzle up to him.”

Under Milk Wood, Dylan Thomas

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