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09_JustEat_Logos_RGBMost of us do our best to keep our children healthily fed while sticking to a budget. We obsess over making sure that they’re eating their five-a-day rather than gorging on sweets, we try to establish routines about mealtimes (a good meal schedule helps cut down on eating between meals) and we do our best to keep their diet varied.

Oh, and while we’re at it, we tie on our capes and fly off to save the world.

As much as we’d all like to think that every meal is going to be a nutritious, lovingly-prepared, home-cooked feast there are times when it just isn’t possible. You’ve been running late all day, the children are screaming, everyone’s tired and the only thing in the refrigerator is an old jar of mayonnaise and some pickles. It’s at times like these that even the most devoted domestic goddess throws up her hands, admits that the universe has won this round and gets a takeaway.

The traditional takeaway method has always been to sort through a drawer full of those menus that people put through your door until you find one that looks appealing, but this method has some drawbacks. If you don’t have cash on you, paying by card over the phone can often involve a lot of repeating things very loudly – a takeaway kitchen isn’t exactly the best place to differentiate between “nine” and “five” over the phone. It’s also a law of the universe that you never have the precise takeaway menu you want in the drawer; that Chinese restaurant that always looked so appealing is now somehow missing, and all you have are three identical looking kebab places.

Of course, it being the 21st century, you can now order your food online, which is handy. The big name in the field is, of course, JUST EAT. You’ve seen the ads, of course, but if you haven’t tried it you might be missing out on an easy way to handle your takeout-ordering needs. The great thing about takeaway is that it doesn’t always have to be unhealthy too, like most people would assume. 

Basically, in order to order from JUST EAT, you set up an account on the website and search for the kind of restaurant you want. You enter your postcode, then select the type of food you’re looking for. If you want to find that Chinese takeaway restaurant, just click on the box and scroll down to “Chinese”. Once you’ve done this, the site lists restaurants of that type in your postcode. You click on the one you want, which brings up its menu. Add items to your order, then check out. The process is pretty straightforward.

JUST EAT Dont' cook

There are a few features here that are very useful. For instance, you can actually place an order before the restaurant even opens or set a time for the order to be delivered. This means that you can send the order while you’re out during the day so that it’ll be delivered when you get home. You can also download their JUST EAT app from Google Play so that you can even do it from your phone.

The site isn’t perfect. For one thing, it’s a good idea to set up your account before your first order. Ordering out is something you’re usually going to be doing in a hurry, so spending extra time on it is less than ideal. Still, it’s very convenient to have all your choices in one place, and the area search means you might find restaurants you didn’t even know about. Overall, the site is definitely a worthy addition to a busy mum’s toolkit.

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