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I live in a big, old house in the country. With the best will in the world I can’t be precious over my carpets. We made a decision when we agreed to the rent the property that they could leave the old, stained carpets down as I have two children 10 years old and 5 years old, who traipse in and out without any concern for the flooring.

Not to mention in the garden; two piggies, five ducks and six chickens that need tending to daily, feeding, flushing and collecting the duck and chuck eggs. Our lives are messy, so doorbells and phones ringing tend to cause rapid leaps from outside to in. Yes, we made a decision that we will manage the mess with an array of rugs to cover the stains of everyday living.

Inspiration Leaves Rug
Inspiration leaves rug







I like to mix the rugs up with the old and the new. I have either a modern style rug or older kilims that we have picked up on our travels. Before children, we visited Morocco, which is great for rugs and it’s amazing how well they can be crammed into hold luggage if you put your mind to it. There are not many advantages to being deployed to Iraq but one of them was that Hagar was able to pick up a very nice Berber rug that adorns the hall floor. Not quite the war memento you’d expect but the Middle East and carpets go hand in hand. It definitely isn’t magic but it’s not bad at hiding the dirt. I also bought a big coconut matting rug for my son’s bedroom. It has an amazing way of collecting the plasticine of the models he moulds day in and day out. Little malleable men who adventure far and wide into the make believe worlds he creates on his massive mat.

In my head when my children are older, these carpets will be professionally cleaned and sparkle and maybe I’ll live in a world where people take their shoes off before they walk through the door. It’s like a utopian fantasy. But for now, we are rugs a-plenty, literally pushing the dirt under the carpet.


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