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On the 1st May 2014 I am withdrawing my book A Modern Military Mother – Tales from the Domestic Frontline. If you want a copy for posterity, then you need to seize the day and buy it now because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. As it is print on demand and I think there are only around 250 hardcopies in circulation it could become a rare commodity. The first edition is no longer available so if you have one of those then hold onto it. The version on sale currently is the 2nd edition, but this also will become a limited edition after the 1st May 2014.

All of the reviews good and bad will disappear and I will be wiping the slate clean and starting again.

I am going to re-release an extended version of the book under the title ‘I hate housework’ by Clare Macnaughton. The date is yet to be confirmed so watch this space.

If you are a feminist, working mum, who juggles career, home and family – then this book will appeal to you. Most of the readers that empathise with my book are strong women who are under no illusion about how tough it can be for women at the coal face of life. They are the sort of women who pull no punches. They don’t always agree with everything but they agree with something, somewhere in it; but more importantly these readers respect my right to my opinion even if it doesn’t mirror their own. Out there in the big wide world are plenty of women who are not bound by the incarceration of antiquated process and practices which stifle the evolution of military life. Adaptation is the key to survival and change is inevitable whether the ‘old guard’ like it or not.

I have now drafted 22 pages of the play ‘Opposites Attract’ and have submitted it to Salisbury Playhouse in the search of Original Drama from the South West. Yes, everything is based on my life experiences and until I have exorcised my need to tell this story I will continue on.

Opposites Attract by Clare Macnaughton

Opposites Attract is a play set in the late 1990s; about a young independent hedonistic, feminist woman, Alice, who is hungry for adventure and challenge, but is injured with a broken leg and therefore, has to be patient to heal. While she is healing she has a blind date with an RAF navigator, Hagar, who is based in Northern Ireland during the ceasefire. Both bored and trapped by their situation, they fall head over heels in love and embark on a long distance relationship with snatched visits, long, love letters and phone calls.  As the relationship evolves Hagar is offered an opportunity to fulfil his dream and become a pilot. They decide to buy a house together although they will only see each other at weekends as he will be doing intensive pilot training.

Hagar becomes a pilot and is posted to RAF Odiham to fly the Chinook helicopter. He is soon sent on an eight week exercise onboard the helicopter carrier, HMS Ocean. The ship stops in Istanbul for a few days and Hagar goes to the Grand Bazaar and buys Alice an engagement ring. During this trip Hagar’s parents send an email to him, which crashes the ship’s communications system. Whilst on exercise, war is declared in Sierra Leone and HMS Ocean is sent to stand off the coast, which extends the separation between Hagar and Alice. By the time they arrive a ceasefire is called. He returns to UK and proposes to Alice on bended knee. It’s not the end; really it’s just the beginning.

This play is told via dialogue, character interaction, hand written letters, emails and telephone calls. It is centred around two characters, Hagar and Alice. These characters are based on Kai and I. This is the story of how we met. But really, it is a love story because when we first met when fell head over heels in love with each other, so really it’s a story about love.

This week I was a guest of the Real Women show on the Bristol Community Radio statio BCFM Radio. It was a fantastic, multi-cultural experience which demonstrated to me the trials and tribulations which women face unites us across all cultures and races. But it also shows me that we have a long way to go before women are truly free.

Hilarious, heartfelt show Real Women BCFMRadio

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