Tales from the Domestic Frontline – MY NEW BOOK COMING SOON

Watch this space for information on my new book – Tales from the Domestic Frontline

WARNING – If you are easily offended don’t buy this book! In this book I express many opinions. It also contains adult humour and bad language. If you don’t like me then DON’T buy this book! I wrote this book and it’s all about me so if you don’t like me then this book will annoy you just like I annoy you.

If all of the above doesn’t apply to you then PLEASE buy this book and tell your friends to buy it too – unless of course the above applies to your friends!!

Here are some excerpts:
” This is me – I drink too much, I eat too much, I swear too much. I am outstandingly average, utterly flawed and unashamedly happy to be so.”

“For example, there was a Facebook application called ‘Interview Questions’. One of my friends suggested I get said app, which I dutifully did so. But I didn’t really know how Facebook worked, so I thought I was answering the questions simply for her amusement. The questions were fairly pedestrian, and so, for a cheap laugh, I decided I would spice it up a bit.
One of the questions was:
What is your favourite body part?”

“The bouncing apart and coming back together, with profound life changing experiences happening in an unknown country, with ramifications, and meanings, that aren’t everyday dinner conversations, are hard to put into words, and so, often, he didn’t. He just brooded, and found his own way back to us, whilst I watched, and waited in the eaves of his darkness, for the unraveling to occur.”


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