Who wants to be a millionaire?

Cole Porter sang, ” who wants to be a millionaire?” and the reply was ‘I do’. What do women want? If you had a Millionaire Genie what wishes would you have granted. Aladdin may have needed a magic lamp to grant his wishes, but you could also try the Millionaire Genie slots game at 888ladies because he knows what women want!

Obviously, after ‘world peace’ and ‘ending poverty’ I would clearly want to eat as much as I want not get fat. Right now, in the wet weather that is the summer half term and the kids are slowly unravelling my house if money was no object I would have a housekeeper and p.a so that I wouldn’t feel like my life is snowballing out of control to help my file, tidy, wash and keep sanitary the aftermath of muddy people. Then I would have a gardener, to keep my lawns trim and help me make my raised beds, teach me about planting seasons and help me harvest in the autumn so that I can prepare my jars of jam, homemade pickles and preserves, juices, cider and wine. I would energise my house with renewable energy solutions, install a wood burner and stock up on coal and wood for the winter. Then I would whisk my family off on an adventure holiday where the sun shone every day and it was fun, fun, fun in the sun.

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This is just me. What would your dreams be? Maybe you’d have your house re-decorated, a new bathroom, a new kitchen or maybe you spend some time at the spa and anoint yourself in creams and potions to detoxify the tiredness. New nails, hair, shoes and maybe some new outfits. Dinner out at a Michelin star restaurant with the love of your life. Champagne every day? Or maybe just a few pints down the pub? How about a vintage VW so you could have away day adventures by the sea. Dreams can come true so maybe it’s time to start building a wish list.




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