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This fella called Mr Good Guy is doing this very altruistic thing and has created a web project that he said I can have a piece of if I link into his site. His name is Dave and he’s trying to help Haiti, and so I am happy to help him, help them, which also might help me.

On Friday, I found out that I had won an award. I received this email from the president of The Military Writer’s Society of America:

“Congratulations! Your book, Immediate Response, received a GOLD MEDAL  in our Military/Marines category. 

I want to personally invite you to come to Pittsburgh for the Conference and Awards Banquet (September 30 through October 3) where you will receive your medal and 100 seals to place on your book. You’ll get $40 off of your Conference fees and will appear on at least 2 radio shows and be invited to participate in a variety of blogs and other activities.  You’ll also appear in our annual slideshow which will remain on our site and many others for a full year — and you’ll be featured in our Conference Program which will be sent around the world as a PDF and distributed around Pittsburgh prior to the Conference.  You’ll be featured in our MWSA Magazine Dispatches in August as a winner — and then sometime in the next few months as a personal interview.  There will be a few other surprises in Pittsburgh as well.”

One small problem is that the Major, in a rather draconian move, has banned me from doing any promotional work for the book, so I am going to have to seek special dispensation from him, his agent (my former agent. I have a new agent now) and also from Michael Joseph (Penguin), to pick up an award, do the publicity surrounding it for an occasion and event that I didn’t initiate in the first place. It would appear that the universe isn’t going to let the Major bury me. I’ll let you know what they say, as soon as I know.

Also, if you enjoy reading my little ramblings and ruminations then would you be so kind as to nominate me in the Lifestyle category for the Cosmo Blog Awards.

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I am going to put something out there because I love winning stuff and I am always up for more awards should they wish to waft them my way. I mean seriously, who doesn’t like winning stuff. I am incredibly competitive. So dearest universe, I want you to know that one day, I would love to win the gong of gongs. The ultimate prize of all awards – the Oscar. I would love to do that red carpet experience at the Oscars in a fabulous frock. It would be awesome. Even the A-list of the A-list of VVVVIP celebs think the Oscars rocks. I have no shame in putting it out there.

My last post prompted one of my most loveliest of regular readers to write the immortal words, ‘I don’t know how you do it.’ It is the thing we hear most often of all and possibly, the words that winds us millies up the most. This, and, ‘I guess you are used to it.’ So I was walking and talking through the woods today with one of my chums and I heard myself saying this:

“I love that Hagar is passionate about his work. I love that he flies a big chopper and that he flies into the face of adversity. It’s hot and sexy. It’s part of who he is and it makes him more attractive to me. He doesn’t go into Afghanistan with trepidation, but with a focus to deliver the task. He wants to go and put his training into practice. This is what makes him who he is. He wants to go and do his bit. I want that for him as well. I believe that he is the best of the best. I believe that he wants to come home again. I know that he will go there and be vigilant, mitigate the risks and fight to come back to us. I know that he loves his job. My part to play in this is to create the foundation for him to be able to do this with the minimal of stress so that he can concentrate on being the best that he can be. I think we are lucky to have the Hagar’s of the world on our side.”

I guess I don’t think about the war in Afghanistan the same way as non-Millies do. Hagar has been in and out of Afghanistan for several years now. It is part of our life. He started in Northern Ireland, then he went to Sierra Leone, a short stint in the Balkans, some time in Iraq and probably some other places that I can’t remember. Conflict is part of the make up of our life. He is after all in the military and the job is about defending the realm. Fear helps no-one. Be strong with me. Keep the home fires burning and focus all of your thoughts on success for every single one of the troops fighting for our freedoms.


  1. Right! Have signed up for Mr Good Guy, nominated on Cosmo & feel very proud of you receiving such an award! Let me know if you want me to write to the Major to ‘persuade him! I can use my best Head Teacher voice!!

    I did qualify my comment with ‘vowed I never say it’ & I promise I won’t again! After all, it’s just a job!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I might take you up on your very kind offer. I clearly lured that comment out of you – it’s good to get it out there! I’ll have you toughened up over the next few years, so you can join me in my emotional repression!

  2. Congratulations …… awards awards. They’re popp’n out of the woodwork this month. I’m truly happy for you. Your book is still crying in my kindle and I promised it that I’d get to it soon. I’m going to vote for your cosmos right now.

    The Oscar. Me too. When I still was a “babe” I used to daydream about my acceptance speech, wearing an ultra sexy “frock.” We all need recognition for our hard work and you, my dear, will make it all the way and I’ll be right there in front applauding you, waving pom poms, a seal club, or whatever ……. just so you’ll recognize me!

    Hagar’s got to be one sexy hunk and flying a big chopper adds more to his mystique. Shades of “Mash” and the Korean War. (My young married time.) Or my “coming of age” during WWll. OMG Zeuks. Every young guy was in uniform. My Dad, being in the Navy, brought me into contact with a lot of sailors with those skinny little sailor butts. Great eye candy to a young gal.

    But the serious side. It’s war and fighting and women and children waiting at home. Godspeed and watch over your family.

    1. Thanks missus. I shall look out for you too! Hagar is a fine looking fella – all big and Scottish. I am not so into him in his formal uniform – Hagar has a big butt – but I like him in his camo gear – he looks all rufty tufty. He looks a bit like Sly Stallone but more handsome and less odd.

      Blog about those navy days – i’d love to read it. 😉

  3. Thanks for the link to my project, I appreciate it.

    Sounds like the Major is bustin’ your chops!?

    I wish you well in your Oscar Nomination request thingy. Hey, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!!

    And if I were you, I’d start writing my speech right now.


    1. Yes – I thought I would put it out there into the Universe and see if anyone was listening. I think I’ll just cuff the speech – how hard can it be?

      Good luck with the project chum. I think it’s going to be a winner.

  4. Apsolutely will nominate you.

    Being in the forces is the hardest job. You can never really leave – even if you’ve done your twenty two.

    1. Thanks Fiona. I am not in the military myself. I have never have been I am not so good with institution and being told what to do. Hagar does alright by it though – we are total opposites – ying and yang. He can never leave – he wouldn’t last 5 minutes in Civvy St.

  5. Another annoying comment is: “Well i guess it’s what you signed up for” – or something like that!

  6. You’re right, you can’t beat an award. I’m competitive too and love to win anythng, although it doesn’t happen often. Well done on your award, next step red carpet, and then perhaps a hand print in Hollywood? Go for it!

    Best wishes, CJ xx

    1. Thanks chick! I am a long way from the ultimate gong not having anything to do remotely with the film industry but I thought I would try and summon an Oscar and see what happens. I am really into manifesting right now. Maybe you should summon some awards too – in order to win, you have to play – sometimes you lose, but that’s ok – it’s better than not playing at all. You could say instead ‘it doesn’t happen often enough’. The fact that happens at all means there is room for improvement. More awards for Crystal Jigsaw please!

  7. Gutted! Sorry I’ve been away and missed the deadline for your Oscar nomination thingy! I’m nominating you in spirit! Cx

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