AMMMTV – The Trailer

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls……AMMMTV proudly presents The AMMMTV Trailer

This is the opening sequence of the pilot episode to wet your appetites:

This is just the beginning and I’ll upload the full pilot TV show in the next few weeks.

Bottom line…..being more self sufficient = very difficult – I have to confess I may have a long way to go before I get my act together!!

I would like to thank:

Jim Klass

Political commentator: Mary Ann Seighart
Small holder: Stuart Taylor
Musician: Anthony Clarke

without them AMMMTV would not have got this far. Onwards and upwards….the road is long!


    1. That’s Fluffy the fornicating bunny. She’s is up duff at the moment so we won’t be eating her. I may have a rampant rabbit population at some point but at the moment it’s being controlled by Pippin the Maine Coon cat, who is dining out on baby bunnies as quickly as she can have them. I bet you weren’t expecting that answer!!

  1. Don’t worry that you haven’t got the hang of going self sufficient. You need to start filming your warts and all experiences of attempting self sufficiency. That is what will be interesting. It is not interesting to watch some know it all like Fearley Tittinghall show us ‘how to do it’ …it is interesting to see you try different things and see which works for you and which don’t while you flounder in the manure…and also interesting to see how your kids cope with it. Good luck.

    1. Ha ha – you know it’s going to be more like Some Mother’s Do Ave ‘Em meets The Good Life. Only yesterday however I had to chastise The Menace for taking one of the little bantam chickens onto the trampoline!! It’s more like success is not an option because failure is funnier! 🙂

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