Flying Solo – It’s Been A While

Especially for London City Mum I have kept the bad lip syncing video, with the prolonged pause at the end, as I work out how to switch it off. Plus, I confess I did exaggerate a little, when I said that ‘the sh*t had hit the fan.’ It hasn’t been cataclysmic in terms of disaster, just fairly minor irritations.

So, in summary, if you can’t be bothered to watch the vlog. (I am liking this vlogging one off. I will get better at it I promise. I may even manage to eventually get the lip synced and everything.) Basically, I am half a tooth down, and I managed to get the diesel hose stuck in the entry hole, whilst I was at the petrol station. No amount of tugging would dislodge the bloody thing. In the end I had to swallow my pride and ask this bloke who was filling his car up to help me. First rule of flying solo – don’t be afraid to ask for help.

“Excuse me mate. Err…. please can you help me. I have got my thingy stuck and I can’t get it out.”
For some reason, I couldn’t find the word hose in my vocabulary.

“Ay?” He looked very confused.

“Seriously, it’s really stuck, please can you help me pull it out. Look!!” and I then demonstrated how jammed it was by tugging on it really hard.

“Don’t pull it too hard.” he exclaimed (Blimey, I feel like I am writing about someone’s first wank!) as he walked over to the pump and took charge of the situation.

Fortunately, he wasn’t able to extract it on the first tug. I would have been mightily p*ssed off if he had. If I have to endure the humiliation of looking like some dumb Doris who has got her hose stuck in the diesel hole, I want it to actually be stuck. He then did some male, voo doo, jiggery pokery and managed with a tug and twist to get it out. I somehow then managed to get diesel all over my hands. I frickin’ hate filling up vehicles with fuel because I always end up getting diesel over my hands. It’s not a good lady smell.

About an hour earlier one of my teeth cracked off, when I was pulling open the lid of a Fruit Shoot bottle with my mouth. As I haven’t sorted out a new dentist since we moved I’ll now need to find one pronto. I think it’ll be a root canal jobber. It is typical that I will have to endure the grim procedure and then ‘keep calm and carry on’. It’s always the same, the minute I fly solo something goes wrong – why is that? Or maybe things always go wrong but they seem exacerbated by flying solo.

I hope your week starts better. Happy Monday y’all!


  1. pmsl at your petrol pump breaking! hope the tooth gets sorted and isn’t too painful.

    Great vlog. Shame none of the military wives feel like joining in with the tribal wives thing, I was expecting some hilarity from that front. Being an ex wraf it would have been interesting to read 😀

  2. Oh dear – sorry about these annoyances! Thank goodness he had a bit of trouble. As for the tooth, you have my sympathy. I’m terrifeid of the dentist & if mine ever moved I’d had to find her where ever in the world she was!! Yes – that scared!!

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad start – always available for red wine and whinging! Please brief me on your wives tribal thing –

  4. I think I am a total stereotype of a RAF Officers wife! Given up career, had children, packed some off to boarding school, live in MQ’s, spend my days going off to coffee and book clubs. I for one like your blogs, a lot of what you say is so true and it happens. Why do things break or go kaput just as they put their desert kit on and disappear for 6 months! On the plus side it does mean I can make an executive decision on what teapot/dishwasher/tumble dryer to buy, without 6 trips to Comet and looking on the net! The one thing I miss about hubby going away is putting petrol in the car..luckily for him he told me his new car was petrol as I assumed it was diesel. (I m iss lots of other things to 🙂 but the practical things can be a challenge).

    Going back to an earlier blog/thread “Ugg Boots and Bling” – brilliant.

    1. Thanks Eliza (((((((HUG)))))) – I really needed that! I so know!!!!!!!!!! Why? Yes – indeed there is a lot to be said. When people say, ‘I don’t know how you do it?” Sometimes I think I don’t know how you cope with them around all the time. 😉 Sorry Hagar – you know I love you!

  5. Do I need to apologise for laughing over your stuck hose? Had a convo much like that in an ER once, but it wasn’t the hose that was stuck – it was the hose sheath!
    And it’s all laughable now.
    Didn’t know whether to laugh or rant about the posting on rearparty. Good Lord some people take themselves a little seriously, don’t they? You did go a wee bit off the handle in you one response, but I think any intelligent person could see that you did so out of frustration from not being listened to. And that dimwit that advised you to take an English course. Well, my dear, I’ve taught literacy and writing courses, and you can tell her to shut her pie hole. What “publishing” has she worked in, I wonder – the local newsletter? Also, people need to understand that the digital medium is not the same as the print medium and even if there are things such as grammatical mistakes (which honestly I haven’t noticed in your posts) than they are easily fixed as they are not committed to print.
    I’m pissed off on your behalf.
    I also have a cracked tooth. Damn crowns cost a mint. Hope you’re able to get help with yours.

    1. No apologies required. It was funny. I was giggling and tugging. I did have a little over-zealous response but only because a little lighten of the up and moving onto the chillax bus required. Plus I get knocked around in their quite often so I might have slightly ranted a snipsy bit too much. *Throws eyes to ceiling, shrugs* “whatever” in voice of petulant east coast Zac Efron loving teenager (young man – I heart him). Thank you sister for your raging support. I feel so much better now 😉

  6. ‘And that dimwit that advised you to take an English course. Well, my dear, I’ve taught literacy and writing courses, and you can tell her to shut her pie hole. What “publishing” has she worked in, I wonder – the local newsletter?’

    Read again. Different dim-wits. It seems you have as much difficulty understanding what is actually being said, and by whom, as your chum here.

    This particular dim-wit is the Production Manager for the academic journals of one of the World’s largest publishing companies. Hardly the local newsletter as I am sure you will agree. Feel free to air your own credentials – multiple ID’s always rolls her rather thin credentials out when anyone challenges her wilder rantings.

    Farewell. I shall not hang around this smug little blog – it seems it’s patronising tone is catching.

  7. Oh you are not popular on Rear Party and they seem to delight in ripping the RAF to shreds which annoyed me! I enjoy your blogs, so keep it up! Did you see the Youngest Boarders last night on BBC2 – I couldn’t watch it as No 3 maybe off sooner than I expected!

    1. Thanks Eliza – I know about RP but I think I have worked out why. I think deep down they want it to be about them and not about me but there is nothing I can do about that other than help them set up their own blogs, which I would happily do. I can’t give up the blog I am totally hooked on it. I just love doing it.

      I missed the programme because I was uploading the blog and doing the vlog. I’ll see if I can get it on i-player. It’s hard with the SDSR, isn’t it because if you don’t use it you might lose it.

      It doesn’t bother me the RAF banter – I think Hagar’s job is cool and he’s hot and fit. I love his flying suit so they can mock away. He’s got a big chopper and he loves what he does. I would never have joined the military – it’s not the job for me but I love observing the life, which is entertaining and fun to be around so I have no regrets. But I did say right from the outset that I was going to put my life on hold while Hagar had the time of his and I have never done that. I always travelled and made it work for me. Although, he still manages to get more cool stuff in but I haven’t finished living yet!!

  8. I love the vlogging style! That and I love your accent so I could listen to you talk all day!

    I used to think pumping gas was for the guys. I used to make The Hubble come to my work to take my car and fill it up. But when he would run off to play Army I had to do it myself and it made me feel empowered so I’ve never gone back. I’ve even come to love the smell of gasoline.

    Sorry about your tooth babe! I hope you can get it fixed soon…especially before it starts to hurt.

    1. Thanks *blush * Maybe you came at it the right way round. I used to work on boats and so have been lugging petrol around for years. I am now officially over it! Thanks – yes tooth still holding out OH (other half) back soon!

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