Operation Initiative

D-day is pending. In the build up to departure to Les Sables d’Olonne in the Vendee region of Frenchest France to begin my writing gig for the English version of the Vendee Globe website, I am preparing the handover brief to give to Hagar the husband so that he can add the role as Domestic OC (officer-command) to his ever growing list of life responsibilities. The purpose of the brief is to make sure that all forseeable and unforseeable activities, incidences and eventualities are accounted for with proposed solutions. Why? So that either one of us can blame the other for any system failures, of course. The brief has to be very thorough and accurate. (I have been told this is also the purpose of the brief in the military world, so the establishment can identify who to blame in the event of any mistake occurring. “It wasn’t in the brief therefore not my fault”)

The problem with the briefing system is that should something occur outside of the forseeable and unforseeable activities, incidences and eventualities that would require Hagar to freestyle off plan then a potential situation of spinning out could occur. As a caveat to this very likely scenario when something completely unforseeable and solutionless occurs I have created ‘Operation Initiative’ – this is the response to any phone calls that I may receive while I am in France presenting predicaments that require a bespoke response. “XXX and YYY has happened and it’s outside of the brief. What do I do?” said Hagar.
“I am up to my neck in crazy solo sailingness and on deadline please resort to Operation Initiative.” Is my reply.

(We don’t actually speak like this to each other, although it may be simpler if we did!)

Of course, the challenge is that I have when ‘Operation Initiative’ is called that the bespoke freestyle response is not likely to be the same response that I would have come up with. This means I know that I am going to have to face my inner control freak demon head on and let it go and move on because you can’t call Operation Initiative and complain when Hagar uses his initiative and not mine.

As D-day approaches I am very nervous. Not to mention having to give those that are most precious into the hands of others. What state will my house be in on my return? *burys head in sand* For so long I have craved independence and adventure and yet the prospect of it is quite terrifying. I am going to be back out to that there world where my memory of the rules of engagement is somewhat faded. It’s time to put on an extra skin, man up wet pants and try to relax into it. Every great adventure starts with a first step and I know that I must just keep putting one foot in front of the other. To help me on my way I have just bought a fantastic bobble hat and scarf combo for £8.99 from a Manga shop in Salisbury. This magic combination brings me great joy and I am sure will help me keep pushing forward. Everyone needs a fab bobble hat right?

Wish me luck. Onwards and upwards……

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