Toy-Tastic Still 3 Days To Go!!

Hagar is back. He’s been away for 3 weeks in the USA doing his PDT (Pre-Deployment Training) as he prepares to deploy to Afghanistan in the new year. Good news is he got all the boxes ticked and he’s raring to go. This little three week taster of separation showed me that I need to be more organised for the forthcoming longer one. It was all tickety-boo until the yoof drove into the back of me and then everything span a little bit out of control. Plus, The Menace is being a handful and causing havoc when you take your eye off her for a second. Smearing toothpaste all over the french windows was her latest gig.

It’s all about balance; keeping my business ticking over, keeping the house ticking over and have some room for contingency planning in the event of it all going tits up. The plan that is brewing is that Aunty Pat may have to be deployed in situe as an extra pair of hands. Does anyone know when the one day-ers for the Ashes are being played? This could scupper my plans – Aunty Pat is a cricket fanatic.

As we live in tri-service quarters, I will be surrounded by standby husbands so I won’t be living on a street of solo wives. (Just as an aside by some weird logistical quirk of fate a few doors up from us is actually William of Wales’ CO – yes, I know he’s at RAF Valley. Just take my word for it. Wager on – will he get an invite to the wedding. They are thinking ‘non’ but I am thinking that if any family is bound by tradition and etiquette then it’s The Windsors so I vote ‘yay’. I hope so – it would be so exciting to be living in the vicinity of an invitee to the Wedding of the Year!! What do you think? Should Wills invite his direct RO (Reporting Officer?)

This is one of the advantages of living in a mixed community, all of the service folk who live around us are based at various different postings so at any one time there always some men folk around to fix the lawnmower, re-wire the audio and video equipment, and sort out the IT.

Talking of IT, Hagar has come back with an Ipad – which we both love.

It’s such a Gucci bit of kit. We are an Apple household. Alas I am not sponsored by them. I wish! Although they do give an 8% military discount on all new products. Anyway Hagar bought two Ipads and he’s selling the other one for £499. He’s not here right now, as I type this so if you want to know the spec – drop me an email:

Closing date for this giveaway is the 1st December!

A Bumper Pre-Christmas Giveaway

Scalectric Start Grand Prix Set (£69.99)
This great Scaletric Grand Prix Set allows you to design and decorate your own cars and then race against your opponent to become Grand Prix champion on the 1:32 track. the new simple fit track and skill level hand controllers let you control the speed making this set perfect for beginners and professionals.

Lego Creator Jet Set (£44.99)
Fantastic construction fun with Lego creator Jet models! Build up to 3 high-speed vehicles: supersonic jet, dual prop plane or high-speed boat with this awesome set.

KNex Construction Case (£9.99)
The original KNex parts, connectors and the micro and brick KNex parts help create the ultimate building experience. Includes construction ideas to create 10 different vehicles ranging from simple to more difficult builds to satisfy builders of all levels.

Blast Lab Messy Mess (£14.99)
This Blast Lab Mess Mess Science set has lots of messy, gloopy experiments to try out using items found in most homes. Make slime, mouldy soap and stink bombs.

Blast Lab It’s Possi-Bubble (£16.99)
This ‘It’s Possi-bubble’ science kit has lots of bubble based experiments to try out, blow a bubble inside a bubble, catch a bubble in a jar, or freeze a bubble are just a few of the ideas!

(Prize value a WHOPPING £156.95!!!!)

To enter into the competition this is your mission:

1.) Subscribe to my blog
2.) Like the Facebook Toys R Us page – click here and write on the wall saying that AMMM sent you

Once you have done that send me an email to:

and you will be entered into the draw.

However, the day that bumper giveaway closes I am starting another whopper giveaway worth £128.99 – this time a mixture of girls and boys toys so definitely stop by on the 1st December! The next giveaway will be a five day special so that I can post it out in good time for Christmas.

A bit of Restrepo news – we were in the paper this week post our Farnham screening.

Also, if you want read a toe curling article you can find me squatting (not literally) on page 71 of December Prima Baby & Pregnancy.

Don’t forget I am announcing the winner of the Bumper Giveaway on the 1st of December and then giving away another £128.99 worth of toys!


  1. I think you must be years younger than me because unless one can text with one’s thumb (I can’t) I dunno how you’re meant to type on the iPad at the same rate as I can touch type on a keyboard. It looks gorgeous though!

  2. It’s not for typing – use laptop for admin like that. Has loads of games on it, plus remote control for apple tv so that can play music through surround system, read books and magazines on it. Really cool for blogs. I love love love!

  3. Lucky! I’m so jealous you have an ipad now! I’ll get to play with one at Christmas because my sister has one and we’re traveling to see her. Too cool. Sorry The Menace is being…well…a menace! LOL!

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