#sethtests @pengillyseth The Super Valet tests Autoglym products

As you may have noticed we are doing more product reviews and I have managed to rope in one of my neighbours @pengillyseth to help test products. We are always looking for interesting things to review so if you have anything that you want us to #sethtests then please email me at:

Click on this link or the image to below to watch this 20 minute film as #sethtests Autoglym products and as Seth the Super Valet gives my car a 6 hour valet. The notion of cleaning your car for 6 hours of your life doesn’t really bear thinking about however, the results are spectacular. Also, I have learned through this process that men who are into cleaning cars are really into cleaning cars. Autoglym is the car valet cleaning product of choice. Anyone who likes to polish their metal rave and covet Autoglym products – they are without doubt the best on the market.

It is nice to have a clean car and a few weeks on despite my children’s best efforts to return my car to a skip like state it’s still holding it’s own. I might have to persuade that @pengillyseth to give it another quick valet though!!

@pengillyseth tests Autoglym products
@pengillyseth tests Autoglym products

If you want @pengillyseth to ‘super valet’ your car then email me at:

or alternatively, give the fella a tweet and he’ll get back to you!! It’s so worth it!

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