My New Bike!

Ok, so the very kind people at Specialized gave me a new bicycle the other week, very generous of them you might say, but they did it for a reason and that reason is so that I can get fit and participate in Cycletta! Cycletta is the UK’s leading series of women only bike rides set in stunning, family friendly host venues with Victoria Pendelton as its patron, where you aim to cycle between 40-80 km to raise money for charity and get fit at the same time. Needless to say I will only be cycling 40km on my first outing, I say only as 40km is 25 miles! Anyway, back to the bike, which is a custom measured Specialized Ariel Step Through in lovely deep gloss black with cerise pink and white highlights, my AMMM brand colours exactly, serendipity?

The bike comes in small, medium or large and the specs are amazing. I have to say this bike is a joy to ride, highlights include the Shimano Rapid Fire 24 gears, which are an absolute pleasure to use and make changing gear so easy. Since I have had this bike I have not had to stand up on the pedals once. The handlebars also have Women’s Body Geometry Contour grips which make them very comfortable and the frame is of a ‘step through’ design which makes mounting and dismounting very easy. The front suspension is a Suntour custom women’s coil spring, with 75mm travel, perfect for roads and occasional off road usage, which coupled with the Specialized Borough XC Sport tyres make it amazing to ride on the roads. Finally, the Women’s Body Geometry Riva saddle is properly comfortable and made for a ladies bottom!

So, overall, a really great bike, easy to cycle on and off road, comfortable to use and really makes me want to get out and get some miles under my belt! Roll on 23rd September in Warwickshire, I am particularly looking forward to the Helmet Hair Remedy Centre and Massage Zone……

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