To PhArt Or Not To PhArt?

I have always enjoyed taking photographs and as someone who travels the world a lot, I have taken many photographs over the years. However, it was during a visit to Western Australia (following AMMM around the world as she directed communications for a round the world yacht race) that I first discovered my love for capturing the kind of textures and colours that normally pass us by. I took a photograph of a burned out tree with the sun setting behind it. I then touched it up a bit to enhance the colours (only slightly mind!) and PhArt was born. PhArt, or Photo Art, soon became PhArtHaus, in a nod to the 20th Century school of design, and my passion began to take form.

From an initial fascination with colour, my passion slowly shifted to texture and I began to take more macro photographs, which revealed to me the stunning details found in nature that we only see when we look very closely. It took a few years before any kind of business idea formed as my gallery of PhArt grew and additions were made from all over the world.

Eventually, AMMM persuaded me that there was a potential business in these photographs and we came up with the name PhArtHaus. We decided to create collections of colour, which people could use as a palette to decorate the rooms in their homes, as well as the juvenile humour gained out of stating that one could have PhArt in the kitchen, or PhArt in the bedroom… still makes us snigger today. Now, the business is in its fledgling stage and I am beginning the process of marketing through social media, amongst other media, which means learning all about Tweeting, Pinteresting, Facebooking and mastering the many other outlets available. I am getting there slowly and the passion is just growing within me. Wish me luck!

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