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If I had £5000 to play with I would invest it in my next book ‘I Hate Housework’. A book is a business; a start up. I know that in order to drive sales and get the book into bookshops I need to be able to order a print run and invest in marketing.

It’s the law of speculate to accumulate. I know that if I had the funds I could pay a proofreader to ensure that it was error free, a graphic designer to deliver me an amazing cover. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but we do and a beautifully designed book cover makes a lasting impression.

I could buy my own ISBN and then perhaps persuade, Waterstones and other Independent bookshops to stock it. Perhaps, even a supermarket. Why not have big ambitions?

I could do a print run of over a thousand copies, which would mean that I could make a reasonable margin on each book sale. I could invest in some targeted advertising to raise awareness. Then the piece de la resistance is that I could arrange a book tour, where I get to engage directly with the customer and persuade them to buy into my book and I.

As I self published last year with Createspace and Amazon Kindle Direct I learnt so much about the business of publishing. As book sales plummet it’s a thankless ambition to be a writer. The medium of writing itself isn’t dying as digital content is still read but books and stories are being conveyed by different more popular visual mediums. The timeless trade of storytelling and writing has not yet died a death but it is fading away and so to ensure that my next book ‘I Hate Housework’ has a fighting chance really I need to invest some money into it but alas today, I don’t have the pennies I need so I may need to look at short term loan options such as those provided by Everyday Loans.





  1. You’re so right! It all comes down to money in the end. And the shelf life of print sales can be so short as to be laughable (I once read it’s six weeks in Waterstones, and that’s for mainstream published works).

    On the other hand, when ‘I Hate Housework’ eventually comes out, its sales will drive further sales of ‘A Modern Military Mother’ and the best of luck with both of them.

    1. Thank you! Good luck with The Bomb Makers – I am also thinking of creating an anthology of everything I have written along the way – I might call it The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – an anthology of random ramblings. I have written so much it seems a shame to waste it!

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